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    • BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology)
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    • Optimize resources, operational processes, technology and digital systems governance
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    Digital Transformation: From Strategy to Practice

    Organizations around the world are recognizing the need for digital transformation to compete and thrive. A clear digital strategy is important to drive digital maturity within the enterprise. Strategy should be followed by a clear plan that translates strategy to business value.

    It is, however, a continuous journey that requires constant innovation, swift iterations, shared learning and collaboration. Developing the right framework and transforming your business through the right technology is pivotal to the success of any enterprise today.

    WSO2 EI
    WSO2 Enterprise Integrator 6.1.0 is a powerful, 100% open source enterprise service bus. It mediates and transforms data between legacy systems, SaaS applications, services, and APIs, providing the fundamental capabilities of a connected SOA architecture.

    This release brings together functionality previously encapsulated in the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, WSO2 Message Broker, WSO2 Application Server, WSO2 Data Services Server and WSO2 Business Process Server.

    A new driving force is born!

    You can model and develop enterprise-level software applications as a mean of shifting from technical to organizational issues business rules and information organizational structure processes immediate support to business requirements on any web browser and mobile device.

    “A high-productivity bpmPaaS used by citizen developers to create highly complex composite documents and content objects that dynamically evolve in response to business events. Jamio is one of the few high-productivity bpmPaaS offerings that is based on an event-driven architecture (EDA)”




    What is Jamio?

    A software development platform that helps you quickly turn your ideas into applications.
    Jamio openwork is “Cool Vendors in PaaS 2013″ by Gartner.




    Founded in 2009 by two entrepreneurs with thirty years of experience on the IT market , HBT presents itself to its customers as an innovative partner for business solutions.

    Founded in 1998, is a smart minded and young company working in Italy and abroad in engineering, aerospace and training fields. ARES provides consultant activities in design, manufacturing and managment of systems, technologies and services to build and develop quality, safety and personnel training.

    Software house operating since 2000 in the fields of Banking, Finance, Education, Telco, Railways and Public Administration. The expertise of more than 90 specialists is the added value to ensure effective and innovative advisory services.

    A D V A N T A   C O N S U L T I N G

    smart up your business


    Advanta is a consulting, technology and innovation firm.

    Our mission is to create forward-thinking and result-driven strategies that deliver strong business results for our clients and generate economic value through the projects that we carry out.

    Our professionals provides strategic management and marketing consulting to help solve business critical leadership challenges and supports in the management of projects across all company functions.

    Our people are experts in a wide range of industries and we bring in specialists from across our firm to ensure our clients receive the best service.

    We operate globally from our main offices in Europe and representatives in the Gulf, Middle East and Asia.


    Our specific expertise is in Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Transport and Logistics, Fashion and Health Care, Consumer and Manufacturing, Government, Defence and Security.

    Energy and Utilities
    Fashion and Health Care
    Financial Services
    Transport and Logistics
    Government, Defence and Security


    Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

    • Head Office:
    • Via Vanoni, 19 | CH-6900 Lugano (TI)
    • Phone: (+41) 77 975 39 40
    • e-Mail:
    • UK Representative Office:
    • 44 Salisbury House, EC2M 5QQ London (UK)
    • Russian Representative Office:
    • Ul. Kovalchuk 75, Novosibirsk (Russia)