Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

  • Maturity-level and Health-Checks
  • Optimize Resources & Processes
  • Research & Development
  • Checkbot
  • Blockchain

Portfolio Management & Optimization

Strategy vs Execution
Gap Analysis
Portfolio Balancing
What if Scenarios
Resource Prioritization

Strategic Planning & Roadmapping

Strategic Roadmaps
Technology Exploitation
Strategic Initiatives
Identify Opportunities

Process Management

Innovation Workflow
Business Cases
Product Management
Process Governance
Gated Decision-Making

Idea Creation & Development

Technology Scouting
Open Innovation
Social Collaboration
Lab & Startups

Innovation Management

Future Management by identifying trends and future opportunities and risks
Innovation Strategy by planning activities such as an innovation roadmap
Innovation Process from an idea, concept development, business plan, to a solution development, prototype, implementation and marketing
Organization Roles such as decision-making structures and process ownership
Open Innovation
and Innovation Networks to leverage eco-systems of innovation sources and resources

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