Implement & Integrate Secure & Technology Platforms

  • Project Management
  • SW Development
  • Business & Process Analysis
  • Simulation
  • Data Governance
  • Advisory

Progress Tracking

Ongoing monitoring of project progress concerning to pre-defined milestones and other target figures

Know-how Transfer

Promotion of the exchange of knowledge between operational project units and the transfer of methodological knowledge to internal resources

Responsibility Management

Defining, monitoring and, where necessary, adjusting responsibilities in accordance with the implementation road map set by top management


Centralization and takeover of communication between top management and operational units

Engineering Solutions at a glance

Microsoft.NET, Spring boot, Spring Integration, Spring Framework, Spring Batch, Spring LDAP, Spring Rest, Spring webservices  Hortonworks, Vadin, Zk, Ionic Angular, Flutter

Java, Php, C#, C, Perl, R, Julia, SQL, HTML, XML

Agile scrum
Agile Kamban
Agile scrumban

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